About me

Hello Friend!

I am an IT Manager by profession and a blogger by passion. After spending almost 14 years in IT industry, I thought of sharing my experiences with you and also wants to know your experiences, challenges and learning.

I also read a lot, which helps me to understand different views and aspects of life. As I read newspapers, articles, blogs, books etc, I come to know what challenges people face and how they overcome them to begin with a new journey in life. Turning point in someone’s life gives me inspiration, more strength and confidence to face new challenges and to expect each dawn as beginning of a fresh new day!

I am sure you are also like me and that’s why you are reading about me and my articles.

Let’s be together by sharing thoughts, experiences and plans to start with something different to ensure we live the life and do not get dragged with it!

If you want to share something, share it with afriend@theturningpointoflife.com


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