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Career Planning (it is Life Planning too!)

Career Planning (it is Life Planning too!)

The focus of ‘Career Planning’ is generally on job opportunities, respective education, degree & certifications or any professional courses. So, it mainly talks about how to get yourself busy in a specific job, considering current or future market demand, so that you earn well and meet your needs. Also, Career Planning is considered as one time activity either when we have to choose a course of specific education or after completion of graduation/degree. However, in the process of Career Planning, we do not consider most important factor – ‘Life’. You cannot separate your life from your career. If you are working in an esteem organization at a senior position and earning good salary, can you say that you are enjoying life? Is it the goal and right path of your life? Career must be aligned with Life to keep balance between professional and personal life at each stage of the age. It is not just one time task! Let’s touch base on what are the usual challenges we face at different stages of the age and probably how we can plan and handle them in a better way.
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