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When walking on the path of life, sometimes we take a pause, look behind and see all the turns, ups and downs, lows and highs, milestones, crossing of paths and you feel great about the journey so far! A smile on the face for what you have achieved!!

You feel happy for all those moments that you enjoyed with your family and friends. You feel confident for beating all the hurdles and achieving what you wanted. You feel lucky to be with your loved ones and to get blessings of your parents.

While looking behind, you also notice the mistakes you made and what you learned from those mistakes. You also see someone joining you on your path….to be with you… but then suddenly on a turn…leaving you alone. You almost collapsed there, but there was somebody to hold your hand and make you walk on your way. When you see this, tears comes in your eyes, you say ‘thanks’ to the person who helped you to get back on the way and with that you get more confidence and power somewhere deep in the heart.

When you look behind, you see such so many events, road blocks, warnings, success, failures, mistakes, helping hands and all the turning points!

Throughout this journey on the path of life, what matters is the decision YOU took at each turning point! It’s your decision that changed the situation, made you more confident and helped you to be there where YOU stand now.

So, say ‘Thanks’ to yourself, because, you are the one who is defining path for your life!

Let’s share our experiences at the turning points in our lives which will help and inspire each other to ‘live’ the life.

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